It’s been one year

DSC_0067It’s been one year since we moved to Amsterdam. We have experienced and grown so much in the past 12 months. I can’t express my gratitude and awe of how perfect this city has been for me personally, professionally, for our marriage, faith, relationships…we are continually blessed. I just want to put it out there that I am truly and utterly grateful. We are asked quite frequently by locals and family/friends back home how we like Amsterdam and how long we will be here. We have left our time completely open ended because we don’t want to limit our investment in people or what we will learn. We have come to love this city and when we travel we are 100% ecstatic to be back home. Of course I love what everyone loves. The canals, bikes, crooked houses, koffie, kaas tengels, stroopwaffels, all of it, I can’t get enough. But…there is something purposeful and intentional about our lives that I have come to cherish. We have met incredible people, shared experiences, traveled, spent precious time with family, and had incredible visitors from across the ocean.

So…how long will we be here?! Truthfully, as long as we are supposed to be here. I am content with living in the here and now.


One thought on “It’s been one year

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