Table search

One would think the process of buying all new furniture would prove to be easy. Or maybe you’ve done this before and you know better. But there will always be a struggle between price point and what you need/want. Over the weekend we went to a small village near Utrecht to view and purchase a table. We wanted a large table to seat 8-10 people. Tables this size are expensive and even Ikea quoted prices at 800 Euros. So we decided to go for a more rustic look. There seems to be a trend in The Netherlands to have a ‘farm’ table made from leftover pieces of scaffolding wood. We were able to customise the width and length for a quarter of the price.

And now I’m struggling with what chairs to purchase. I have conducted an informal poll between male and female. All the females have suggested mismatched chairs, different shapes, altering colors, you know cool and rustic like. Every male wants a high backed comfortable chair. With arm rests.

I found these cafe chairs and now I’m struggling with what to do. I know I want at least 4 plain metal chairs (not pictured). I can’t decide if I should add in a color or mix in other chairs. These are real problems.




One thought on “Table search

  1. Love the table! Funny, even before I read what you said about female/male friends’ opinions, I thought “mismatched chairs”! Ha, so the pattern continues. I say mix in a color, but I’m sure whatever you choose, it will look great! And, ill get to see it in person soon!!!

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