House hunting Amsterdam – photo update


Progress has been made on the dining room. It took me almost a week to figure out if I wanted colored chairs or not. In related living room news; we took the tram to a furniture store outside of Amsterdam over the weekend. We are on the hunt for a retro/chic/maybe even velvet couch. Let me take a moment to explain that customer service is close to non-existent in The Netherlands. I mean it’s possible that they want to leave people alone and not bother paying customers…but we were prepared to leave that showroom with a couch. We sat on every sofa (very deliberately), checked the unclear price tags, and tried to catch the eye of the only disinterested employee in the store. I finally flagged her down to ask for details and she casually told us the price while getting back to her coffee. We found a slightly overpriced couch that we loved and walked out of the store with no further words. I turned to Sam and expressed gratitude and annoyance. If she would have tried we would have bought that couch! and..Luckily that sales woman hates her job otherwise we would have ordered a couch with a delivery time of 8-10 weeks.






Space that needs a little love



3 thoughts on “House hunting Amsterdam – photo update

  1. I see a clothes drying rack there…welcome to the world of no dryers! And I love the smooth chair in the living room. Very cool. The green chairs look great!

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