Paris is for lovers (except the metro)

I hesitate to tell this story (as my mom won’t find this amusing) but I almost had my arm ripped off in a Parisian metro two weeks ago. Ok, you’re right I’m being dramatic for the sake of story telling. We were leaving Paris and I was hauling around my luggage plus the new leather boots I had just purchased. To say I’m pathetic at carrying shopping, bags, duffels, trash, etc is an understatement. I become such a burden that Sam ends up carrying everything so I’m free to swing my arms and look around. That way I’m only responsible for not walking into oncoming traffic. But at this moment I was carrying all my items. I was the last of our group to board the metro when the doors closed on my wrist. Sam was on the other side of the glass as I let out a string of expletives (which is necessary when a damsel is in distress). Now at this point I could have let go of my bag and pulled my arm out of the doors. But I didn’t want to be left behind. Sam saw my panic through the glass and quickly ripped open the doors to let me in. Seriously, it was like a jaws of life moment (without the shattering glass and bent steel). All this to say I am quite fine. And we quickly found the emergency brake button for the next stop.

One more thing, this incident aside, I would rate the Paris metro system as the most degraded metro in the world. Imagine what it would be like to walk around in a sewer of one of the worlds most populous cities. That is precisely how the Paris metro looks, smells, behaves, take your pick.















2 thoughts on “Paris is for lovers (except the metro)

  1. jenna…. i don’t know what your life plans are as far a family and all that (not that life does what “our plans” are anyway) but i just wanted to tell you that YOU are doing it right! i HOPE so badly that my kid will GO and see the world. that they will try new things and not stay in dumb old kansas, have babies right away and go to walmart every week for groceries and work at the school or the city office. there is nothing wrong with those things of course but THIS… THESE pictures… this is it!!!
    i love peeking in at what a wonderful woman you have become. but you were always great! so it’s no surprise at all.
    i just love you.
    like a mama.
    take care and have an awesome beautiful day in your dreamy life.

  2. Jenna!! I love your Blog! πŸ™‚ I’m so happy I finally found it… Now I can see what you are writing about us in Amsterdam….. πŸ˜‰

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