An honored guest in Istanbul

Here’s a weird question for you. Does anyone know if you must close the lid on an airplane toilet before flushing? The picture always suggests that the lid should be closed but every time I walk in the lid is raised. But I really don’t want to be the person that flushes and blue goop and what not sprays all over me. The sound and force that toilet flushes is astounding. I’m sure you can leave the lid up since this would be a valuable safety lesson during take off instead of what to do in case of a water landing. However I’m just not willing to risk my thus far clean track record of airplane flushes.

But more importantly Istanbul. Almost everybody should visit. (I might not recommend for someone that has never stepped outside of US, but if you’re open to getting out of your zone, Istanbul will treat you as an honored guest.) Beautiful views and sights plus thousands of years of history and an eclectic mix of influence from Religion to people groups. The fact that it straddles Europe and Asia is downright cool and everyone should visit for that. This trip I was most surprised by the food. The Turkish use of tomatoes, yogurt, bread, and flat meatballs was inspiring. Fresh fish is featured everywhere and they throw together a spread that utilizes at least 4 plate changes per meal.















3 thoughts on “An honored guest in Istanbul

  1. Haha… Love your writing. Yes, you can leave the toilet seat open when you flush. I’ve tried it and I’m still white.

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