Standard 13 weeks







We ordered our couch 13 weeks ago (I thought that was ridiculous 13 weeks prior). It arrived last Saturday. The store originally quoted 8 weeks but with Christmas and New Years…you know there could be delays. They should really say

here’s the deal…you go ahead and order and we will let Martijn know at the factory he should place your order at the bottom of the pile, eat a cheese sandwich, clean out his camper van, and then go on holiday for the month of December.

Actually when we ordered that was the exact scenario I envisioned so I was downright giddy when my doorbell rang announcing the delivery men. (On a side note, I have now met half the delivery men in Amsterdam while furnishing an entire apartment. Oddly enough we have noticed that if I receive the delivery, instead of Sam, I usually get a cheaper price or free installation on appliances.) Although we have an elevator the couch was too big. It took these poor guys a full hour to drag that couch up 5 flights of stairs. And then at the last flight they had to take off the legs and all the packaging to maneuver through the front door. Best €25 I’ve ever spent.


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