80,000 steps and 6 months pregnant

Traveling at 6 months pregnant is a little different. If you ask me how I coped with stairs and walking 10,000 steps per day I’d say…it wasn’t sexy. Before the trip I thought I was breezing through this second trimester. And no one had really looked at my belly in Holland. However, go to Spain for a week (and at a time when you grow the most in your pregnancy) and people will stare and/or comment. It’s also loads of fun to discuss your pregnancy with people in broken Spanish that you’ve completely forgotten after 10 years. At one tapas stop the waiter was grumpily wiping down our table until he saw my ever expanding belly. He broke into a huge grin and started pointing and congratulating Sam and I. He whipped out his phone to show us naked photos of his 6 month old son. We all bonded over having baby boys and he headed back to some customers. Returning after 5 minutes, he then proceeded to reassure me that I would go back to looking normal very soon. Well, at least this is the gist of the conversation after lots of pantomiming and another photo of his wife on the beach in a bikini 7 months post pregnancy. The bar kept the pineapple juice flowing for me. 

We tried to keep our walking to a minimum and we pretty much hopped from one cafe to the next. I would order one of the three juices offered at every restaurant/bar in Spain while Sam worked his way through Sangria or Tinto de Verano. Which was great…I mean I just love going to my favorite country in the world to drink juice and water. But even at our highly reduced touring we would manage to log around 10,000 steps every day on that step app. One day in Granada we took a group tour of the breathtaking Alhambra. We were forced to do the tour since we hadn’t pre-booked tickets but in the end it was perfect. Myself and the rest of the 60+ crowd set our adventure pace to ‘crawl’ and we all limped away 3 hours later discussing our siesta plans. 

Sam and I had a wonderful trip. It was romantic, sappy, and filled with sun. Lest you get the impression I only complain about walking. But really, who knew coming back to work would be less exhausting. 



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