Designing kitchens with the Dutch

A unique benefit of buying our house was the opportunity to design our own kitchen. This is very unusual and I couldn’t wait to choose all the details of my kitchen! Cabinets, drawer lay out, tile, picking an oven, hardware…you get it. A dream come true for me, where mid-western roots of cooking/baking/canning/pie making run deep. There were few stipulations. We could pick the most expensive items available but were limited to the kitchen designer and 5 appliances (fridge, oven, stove top, extraction fan, dishwasher) or supposedly you could choose 5 refrigerators, up to you.

The first hurdle arrived when making the appointment at the kitchen designer. Their showroom was located 2 hours away in Germany, open only 9-2, and they seemed confused about the whole process especially trying to explain in English. No problem, we made our appointment and rented a car for 7am to make our 9am appointment. I also came armed with all my ideas from Pinterest and showed our designer this photo. He looked at it fondly and said “Anything is possible!”

kitchen pinterest

I had a list of things that I wanted and truth be told I didn’t need to look at a lot of their showroom ideas. I finally stopped him through our wandering of the 20th boring kitchen. Let’s talk about these possibilities. This is what I want:

1. black cabinets on the bottom, white on top. Response – Hmmm….not possible we don’t have black we have gray and shiny, shiny black

2. Marble counter tops or a really cool white. Response – not possible, we have 10 options of ugly speckles or plain colors

3. Big designer oven that I see in your magazine. Response – let me check…not possible

4. White subway tile backsplash. Response – tile? no, no we don’t do tiles we’re a kitchen store

I choked back a small tear. But I’m a big girl and I would not be bested by not possible. We outsourced the tile and stuck with the classics. We also picked the most ridiculous LED faucet that cost 1,500 Euros. Bet they didn’t see that one coming. I love my kitchen.
















One thought on “Designing kitchens with the Dutch

  1. Absolutely love it Jenna! And I love that you have an electric kettle! I don’t know what I would do without my kettle! My favourite is the pendant light!

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