3 months after

I’ve started this entry many times and am thankful I lacked the energy to press post a number of times. There is something radical about that post-apocalyptic baby haze where all manner of decorum and modesty is lost. Of course during labor you don’t really care what’s going on with your lady parts as long as people are intent on delivering that baby. And then the following weeks I had, at minimum, 10 women at my bedside asking all manner of personal questions, helping with breast feeding, and checking on the healing of said parts. Besides the life changing event of having a baby you’re no longer that modest (I can handle my own business) woman. Thus I may have written something less than becoming in those after weeks and let the whole World Wide Web in on some secrets. But not anymore! Oh no sir, my wits have returned! A mere 3 months later.  The Dutch healthcare system is very advantageous in maternity care. A nurse comes to your home the week after delivery to check on mother and baby AND she cleans your house and demands you rest! Our total bill for having a baby has been €40 and that was for a couple extra hours for the nurse. There was not one bill for the hospital stay, delivery, etc. I haven’t even seen a receipt or itemization of how much anything cost. 

I have enjoyed my maternity leave thoroughly and am loving motherhood. 


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